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January 15th, 2011, 1:49 pm

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Going to class - which will be held in the OCEAN! 8D

@Faithless.Child: I'm glad you're liking the comic! =D I want her jacket too!

@the-star-samurai: Oh man I remember Death Note and its pages and pages of text XD I hope I don't end up like that.

@tsubasa-myuu: His headphones are not water proof. He doesn't exactly follow the rules and it gets him in trouble alllll the time with his mum. And yes, there are no humans this is strictly monsters! and creatures! The only human type people are the mad scientists, but they're insane and have their own special qualities...besides being insane :P

@spacezombie: That's right! Where all underwater creatures buy their clothes!
Epistaxis, January 15th, 2011, 2:02 pm Reply
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Man, I LOVE the way you word out Ness' accent. XD It's perfect.

And I can't help but find that third panel adorable as hell. I wish I had a plush of Jeanne. ;u;
My girlfriend is from Scotland so she helps me with the spelling and wording and with some of the slang that I don't know :3

Ooo a plush would be awesomely cute, if there ever comes one in existance I will let you know XDD
lolz lol love the page. and i love all the extras, they're just as interesting as the main characters.
Hm... Is that red head a piromancer?
I love your style! Keep it up!

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