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January 18th, 2011, 4:20 pm

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Ness is silly. He forgot.

Welcome to Marine Biology! Danny Jones is one of Ness's best friends, that guy in the bg with the tentacle ponytail is Ansgar Kraken, Danny's half brother. Him and Ness don't get along. He'll be popping around a lot.

@tsubasa-myuu: Some of the bg characters actually show up as characters, some main, some not so. In the first page there was a ghost girl and a werewolf girl. The ghost girl is Eli Zugun and the werewolf is London Briggs. In page four there's a pair of twins in there named Jekyll and Heidi. The jackal is Anny. The fire looking guy hasn't got a name, he was just a random add in.The valley girl zombies show up more as well. A lot of the bg characters do show up more in the comic :P

@minespatch: He was a random add in last minute, but yeah he's got to do with fire, probably a pyro guy.
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awsomeness thats awsome, you have a lot of interesting characters. i can't wait to officially meet them all XD

this page is awsome, i sooo love danny's design, really interesting. and her half brother as well, thats just awsome XD
I can't wait to officially introduce them! It'll take a while but slowly they will make themselves known!

Glad you're liking the characters! :]
I don't know if I'm joking or not... :| Are those stick figure girls in the background stick-figure monsters? I'd find that a interesting addition to the school and as a background joke. I don't know, that seems pretty funny the way you drew them.
@minespatch: There actually have been reports of stick figure like creatures. There's the stick creatures of fresno which have been caught on tape. There is the alien from Peru also caught on tape and there are reports of stick like creatures in other areas like Texas. The peru critter which can be seen crossing the background by the person's feet (sorry for craptastic quality, I couldn't find the good quality version) (Fresno, includes dude talking)

So maybe they are stick monsters!
Lol, this is a cute comic. I like the art! And I'm curious, what would a girl like Jeanna wear to a beach?
New Crush I totally fell in love with your comic >w< It's awesome dude! And I love the character designing you did on each one of them ;D
Be sure that there will be fanart! ;D
@kurozaki: Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure myself, maybe a striped bathing suit or maybe she'll not go at all. We shall see in the coming pages!

@4nto: Oh no don't worry I shall catch you! -catches- I'm sure falling in love doesn't hurt, but I won't take any chances! You fall, you get hurt next thing I know I'm getting sued lol I'm glad you're liking it as well though. The characters are tons of fun to make up and draw. Monsters are so fun because you don't have to stick with the norm cause they're not human! 8D Fanart, really :O no wai! Well I thank you! ~~<3


The next page will be up probably tomorrow. Sorry for the wait on this one guys. Lot of stuff going down, but you'll hear all about it on the update page.
They exist?! @Epistaxis
Awesome! That would be nice to see those as recurring filler background characters for the rule of funny.

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