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February 21st, 2011, 3:30 pm

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Underwater woo! Kraken as a ... well...Kraken (rather than his human form), some mermaids, Montauk monster thing (I made it a swimmer since it washed up on shore). Kraken's buddy Don was supposed to be in the page, but I couldn't fit him in.

How will she ever get out of this predicament!
BTW Fanart page has been added, it includes extras that I've posted and when I draw more little snippets outside of the comic pages I'll post them here. 4nto drew an awesome fanart of Ness which you can see there!! ~<333


@AerialPenguin: Me either! And now it really IS no escape! She's stuck!! ;__;

@4nto: Nope! It's our friend the Kraken! Really he's just being a mean face, but we can pretend he's making sure Jeanne isn't late.

@tsubasa-myuu: Nope, poor girl. Monster school is tough!

@Antares: Rowing = hard work. I'd rather skip class as well! And haha I was waiting for someone to make a comment. I drew it and was like ... Oh boy...then I shrugged, what can I do, he's a Kraken, he's got tentacles XD
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Cool page!!

those mermaids are like "wazzat?"

jeanne is like "oh no oh no oh no oh no oh"
I hope she doesn't really need to breathe D: Else she'd drown. That's bad, as far as I heard.

Le gasp! hope she's a good swimmer.
the montauk reminds me of the Deathclaws from fallout.
I had to look Deathclaws up cause I never made it far in Fallout before turning it off (beautiful game but not my type, couldn't get into it) and I have to agree, they do look very similar. Wow.

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