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May 31st, 2011, 1:52 pm

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Crap. Sorry for the delay I have had the worst series of events befall me. My main computer (the one with all my photoshop and goodies on it) decided to catch a virus when I got back from vacation. THEN my netbook caught a virus. THEN my desktop turned into a big paperweight (totally dead) so I had to get all my computers fixed and I just recently got my laptop back. So now - FINALLY - I get to color my pages. T___T sorry for the wait. Thank you for those sticking in there. Summer's here now so I hope to have more up regularly.

Also, starting to add to the Student Roster. Jeanne is up currently. Working on Ness next :] He should be up after I get out of work tonight.
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Rawr i like this shark >w> he's so cool
the sharkie is adorable!!!

And i think our little ghost girl has a wee lil' crush on him XDDD
shark guy is a new favourite :3 HE'S AWESOME!
Instant love. Reminds me of one of my old characters (personality wise at least ; D )
OTP for now, yesss. 8D
Is this comic going to go all twilight on us...? O_O
@ Wizard-PigsO.O: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY (a lot of O's just to make sure. Also, CAPS XD; ) . There is minimal relationships at all in this, it's going to be more focused on not being focused. It's silly, not serious (not that I take Twilight seriously). Don is just like that with all girls. ALL girls.

(No offense to Twilight fans, I just greatly dislike the series)
Yes! Glad to see you back! Sorry about your troubles.
Hahaha! Sorry, it just seemed a bit like that, y'know when the cool guy shows up on the scene and the new girl is happy-head-over-heels around him and those people trying to be her friend become "annoying people that just get in the way"... hmmm, maybe because i always end up being one of those people :/ or maybe i should just wait for the next page and see what happens! ^_^

Also really good to hear you have a story planned out ;)
OHHHH hot guy! really hot guy spotted!
would it be bad if i said that i would totally rape shark guy??

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