FILLER: Tapsal-Teerie


July 4th, 2011, 10:24 pm

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Happy 4th! ...From the two Scottish characters haha XD

Sorry it's not a page. CTCon weekend is fast approaching, been getting all my stuff together (why I haven't been doing much page wise). For all going, see you there! For all not, I'll be back after the weekend with updates :] < - my tumblr. Since DA hasn't been too kind to me (IE that virus hidden in some of the ads) I've been putting up whatever I do on tumblr.
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When i saw you new kind of eyes on your zombie characters, i thought they were stitches. but now they're on ness and i dont know now :l

but wow! it reminds me of some of the fanart people did with HaNL with Ti and Death. Except this time it's by you (:

i still like the long tail of her hoody
It's a style thing, I don't do it often typically only with characters with black eyes or inverted. It won't happen much at all in this comic simply because the style I use is way more simpler than anything else XP
aweh so cute :D
He's so creepy-cute!
otp otp 8>

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