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February 13th, 2012, 8:06 pm

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aww... she is alone :(
I liked the original art style better. It wasn't so cutesy :c
yeah sorry, original art syle was.... cleaner. The orange doesn't do it for me. especially since these characters don't have normal skin tones, its very out of place. that kind of thing works better for comics like curio. even if the other style takes longer, i would prefer it over this kind.

But in the end it is your comic ^^ i will still read it becasue it is fun to read.
@tsubasa-myuu: I'll keep that in mind on the orange (also had to go check that out now, omigosh sucha cute comic!). For now the style is going to be mixed between the two and no doubt change again. My styles fluctuate since I'm still experimenting and all.

But again, sorry to those who don't like it, this is probably going to stick around, but again, mixed within.
Yeah- I mean I do love the style in general, but the orange was kinda out of place. I think it could work if you just changed the color to match the skin tone. UvU Either way YAY UPDATES /god I haven't been on SJ in like 9 months or something
@Crimson_Fire: So then question, would a different tone work better or prefer none at all? (i've become fond of at least highlighting the nose). The help is appreciated though you guys, even if you don't like the style, the input still helps me out!
Yeah a different tone would work great. Maybe to match their individual skin tones some more. Like, white or a darker gray for jeanne. Pink would look cute on Danny. and so on and so forth. just colors to match the characters colors so it doesnt feel so out of place.
Can't wait for more! Please update soon. :)

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